Cathy Rudolph, nearly 40 years later, now autographing her book on her friend.

Paul after his autograph signing in Toronto, Canada with Cathy

Paul in his Bentley with Alfred in front of his second home in Beverly Hills

Cathy's clown: Paul and Cathy 1978.

Paul on the rocks

photographer Daphne Welds Nichols took this shot in Maine, 1981

Paul in front of the first home he bought in Los Angeles

  • Best known as the Center Square from the original Hollywood Squares, the frantic father in Bye Bye Birdie, the voice of Templeton the rat in Charlotte's Web, Paul Lynde appeared on more television shows in the 1970's than any actor in that time. Though Paul was a very private person, he let the author of the book into his life and she became his trusted friend. However the book is written in a fair and honest account of his tragic life. It includes first interviews from Paul's relatives along with memories from his friends and co-stars including: Cloris Leachman, Kaye Ballard, Peter Marshall (who gave a forward for the book), Betty White, Les Roberts, Florence Henderson, Woody Woodbury, Robert Clary and many more.‚Äč

  • For the first time, you will be let into the heart and soul of the man who made us laugh for three decades, Paul Lynde.

  • ‚ÄčAvailable on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and for those who prefer to write a check:

    Paul was the voice of Pumpkinhead in the animated movie Journey Back to Oz and he was paid $500.00 for his role.